The Impact of Infrastructure Development on Thane's Real Estate Prices

In the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), Thane is a popular location. The city’s robust social infrastructure, connectivity, and natural elements are all factors in its rapid development. Thane, a city with natural resources offers a variety of dwelling choices to suit every type of property buyer, including townhouses, elite housing, budget-friendly homes, and commercial projects. In Thane, several housing developments now showcase upscale lifestyle features like swimming pools, gyms, and landscaped gardens. A cosmopolitan population and an influx of retail and business establishments have significantly altered this central suburb’s appeal.

Hoisting your luxury:

Thane has a wealth of establishments that meet all the needs of the populace as a result of the rising residential market. The city is home to a multitude of supermarkets and shopping malls that sell the newest and best-quality apparel, electronics, and home goods. There are prominent clusters of street stores for a quick shopping in addition to shopping malls. Thane is a destination for food connoisseurs because of its abundance of eateries serving a variety of cuisines throughout the city.

Seamless Commute:

Thane has multifarious ways to connect to different parts seamlessly via rail and roadways. Thane’s Godbundher road spread to a length of 24.22 km and links the Varsava, Bhayandarpada, and Thane West areas effortlessly. Thane Junction is a significant rail hub that connects Mumbai and other cities. Residents have access to a pleasant transportation network because of expanding highways and public transportation options including buses and auto-rickshaws. The proposed metro line that will connect Thane and Wadala, stopping at Ghodbunder, makes the locale a valuable investment source. Many builders in Thane plan and develop spaces that have easy access to various sources.

The areas like Vartak Nagar, and Pokhran Road also have seen a major improvement in civic and social facilities as a result of Thane and its surrounding precincts’ fast urbanization, and its redesigned market profiling has made it a desirable real estate destination in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). The Eastern Motorway and Western Express Highway (through Ghodbunder Road) provide excellent road connections to the central and western suburbs, respectively. Additionally, Vartak Nagar has excellent rail connections. Now if we look intricately into the benefits of the Thane- Borivali Tunnel apart from civic infrastructural development like offering superb regional access and reducing the present 60-minute journey time between Thane and Borivali to 15 to 20 minutes it will also save 10.5 lakh metric tons of fuel. Additionally, it will help to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 36%.

Educational Services:

The rush to Mumbai in search of improved work possibilities has been largely mitigated by the simultaneous renovation of educational services and other infrastructure upgrades over the past ten years. From early childhood education to high school, graduation and post-graduation colleges, technological and engineering universities, medical programs, management schools, and media training programs have experienced a sharp increase. The top educational institutions in Thane are dispersed throughout the city, which is also related to Mumbai culture being the financial center of India like Rainbow International School, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, top colleges like B.K Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Dr. V.N Bedekar institute of Management Science. Thane also provides a desirable employment option and alternative due to the nearby booming industry. Thane is moving closer to becoming one of the most developed cities in the state because of expansion in the commercial and educational sectors.

According to studies, Thane offers the most potential for investment and development in 2017 and beyond. It has a lot of potential to advance further with the addition of other government-proposed projects. The possibilities are boundless, and many of these ideas are about to become a reality. The residential housing market in Thane is expected to benefit from more provisions, and this could create several growth and consolidation opportunities for the overall real estate industry.

Furthermore, despite earlier being under Mumbai’s shadow, Thane now has its own identity, thanks to the steady expansion in the business, retail, and particularly the residential sectors, among other areas. Thane is destined to achieve year-on-year appreciation due to its developing social infrastructure and extensive opportunities of work. Being the nucleus of multifarious options like employment, residence, leisure activity spaces the rental yield in both residential and commercial vertical of real estate will grow and let investors gain high return on investment. Puneet Urban Spaces is one of the top builders in Thane, with their extensive research ability and wide experience in the real estate industry, the group has developed spaces that inherit value and elegance. The projects completed by the group are among the landmark projects and highly acclaimed with various prestigious awards and ratings. The group aims to curate spaces that will magnify the investment opportunities and create a second source of income.