Top reasons to invest in new projects at Vikhroli

Top reasons to invest in new projects at Vikhroli

Buying a home is a once-in-a-lifetime decision that one must take very carefully with every essential aspect in mind before making the big purchase. Especially when you are buying your first home, attributes like rent, location, connectivity & social infrastructure are very important factors to be considered as it will have a major impact on your day-to-day life.

Vikhroli is an area that is a convenient option for many people due to factors such as proximity to the airport, transit stations, ports, cultural/leisure hubs, social infrastructure, conservation areas, downtown and commercial centres, and city extensions. Vikhroli’s evolution has made it one of the most suitable locations for residential and commercial real estate owners with easy access to major corporate hubs and services, some of these being the most crucial factors that attract homebuyers. People looking for homes today primarily think about services conveniently available around their vicinity that helps them reduce their travel time keeping the tiresome Mumbai traffic into consideration. Vikhroli’s infrastructure and its capability of offering residents every commodity is what makes it a preferable choice for real estate investment helping solve homebuyers’ common investment concerns.

The area has indeed undergone major transformations in the past years due to the presence of upcoming new projects in Vikhroli. Comprehensive social and urban infrastructure, such as schools, hospitals, and conveniences, as well as a large captive population of residents and campus employees, make it an all-rounder location for residents looking to invest in residential projects in Vikhroli.

Hence here’s a few reasons to check out why new projects in Vikhroli are considered as the best investment opportunity.

Seamless Connectivity

Vikhroli is located near the centre of Mumbai and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Many major highways run through this area, linking it to other cities. Vikhroli is linked to Jogeshwari, Bandra, and other western suburbs by the LBS Marg. It is connected to Chembur, Thane, Vashi, and Dadar via the Eastern Express Highway. JVLR is a major thoroughfare that connects the Eastern Express Highway to the Western Express Highway, as well as the eastern and western suburbs.

Proximity and easy access to major commercial centres of the city like Powai & BKC makes it a preferred choice of office commuters. People, who wish to invest in residential projects in Vikhroli, can commute to Kensington SEZ in Powai in just 20 minutes. The Bandra Kurla Complex is approximately 11 kilometres away and is well-connected via LBS Marg. Vikhroli is also about 30 minutes away from Mumbai International Airport.

Besides road connectivity, the proposed metro lines and bridges are expected to be built in the area that will enhance the connectivity, hence purchasing flats in residential projects in Vikhroli is an ideal choice.

Make Savings on Rent

Mumbai is one of the country’s expensive cities with apartment rents that are exorbitantly high in comparison to other cities. In many prominent locations of Mumbai, one tends to spend astronomically on rent. But investing in a property in Vikhroli can help you save on rent. People who pay a great amount of money in rent should think about buying a 1 or 2 BHK in the upcoming new projects in Vikhroli.

Bustling Social Infrastructure

There are numerous locations with flats for sale in Vikhroli that have excellent social amenities.
Vikhroli is equipped with more than 10 premiere educational institutions along with more than 15 multi-speciality healthcare centres in the vicinity. It is also home to leisure spaces such as public gardens, shopping centres, fine dining restaurants and other recreational activities. Vikhroli is an all-rounder location with the perfect blend of connectivity, easy accessibility, proximity to essential and recreational services, making it a popular location for home buyers. The area’s remarkable transformation has made it one of the most preferred locations for people opting to invest in these residential projects in Vikhroli.

Rise in demand for real estate

Vikhroli as a destination has many reputed builders offering luxurious properties and other development projects with premium and budgeted homes for the financially growing population of the city. Mumbai offers vast options for all segments of budgets due to which it is gaining great attention from home buyers, resulting in increased demand for real estate investment.
The most recent price trend in Vikhroli East is a great indication for investors or end-users of Mumbai’s property market. The current price of properties in Vikhroli East starts at Rs. 8,673 per sqft, with an average price of Rs. 15,860 per sqft with a growth of 4.49% in the past year. The current price trend suggests that both buying and selling properties in Vikhroli East, Mumbai, is profitable at the long run.

There are many projects in Vikhroli that try to attract the population with various offers, but Puneet Urban spaces promises to offer quality, modern and contemporary residences. There are 3 current projects from developers, mainly Puneet Shivalaya, Puneet Amarjyoti & Puneet Brahmand set to stand tall in one of the most sought-after locations of Vikhroli – Tagore Nagar. These premium residential projects in the location offer enhanced quality of life to your family by offering some of the finest amenities in town. With 1, 1.5 and 2 BHK homes, these 23-storeyed projects are a great addition to Vikhroli’s upcoming real estate transformation.

Puneet Shivalaya, Puneet Amarjyoti & Puneet Brahmand by Puneet Urban Spaces are the most sought-after urban projects in Vikhroli with the best of facilities including connectivity, social infrastructure, security and modern lifestyle. The apartments are designed to take care of every resident and their needs to give them an elevated living experience. Puneet Urban Spaces invites you to experience a new way of living in the most prominent location of Mumbai.